Music Lovers, Follow These Tips To Protect Your Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is a real concern, especially if you're a lover of music. You won't be able to hear and enjoy your favorite tunes a few years from now if you don't take steps to protect your ears! Here are four key steps every music lover can take to prevent hearing loss.

Stay away from the speakers.

Heading down into the mosh pit in front of the stage may seem like the thing to do at a concert, but this space right in front of the speakers is the most dangerous spot for your ears. You'll actually be able to make out more of the intricacies in the music if you back up from the stage a little--and the lower volume will be better for your ears.

Wear earplugs.

You can purchase a package of foam earplugs at a pharmacy or home goods store for a few dollars. Keep a pair in your glove compartment and pop them in before you head into a concert. You'll be able to hear clearly through the ear plugs, but they will protect your ears from the loudest tones.

You should also wear earplugs if you play a drum set or spend time in a room with someone who is playing a drum set. While the drums may not sound that loud, the high vibrations of the sounds they make can be damaging to the ears.

Buy good-quality headphones.

You can find headphones and earbuds at dollar stores and discount stores, but these cheap versions don't often have the best volume regulation. They may suddenly blast loud sounds even when you have the volume turned lower, contributing to hearing loss. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones, but do invest in a decent pair made by a reputable company. Your ears will thank you for it.

Turn the volume down.

Listening to your music on blast may seem cool now, but it won't seem cool in 10 years if you can barely hear. Always keep your volume low enough that others cannot hear your music when it's playing through your headphones. Make note of what this setting is and then remember not to turn your volume up any higher than that.

To learn more about hearing loss in music lovers, speak to a doctor, such as one from Desert Knolls Hearing Center. If you have not been following the tips above up until now, you may want to have your hearing tested to determine whether you have any degree of hearing loss.