Three Male Fertility Tips

A lot of attention is paid to women who want to have babies, but if you're a man who is ready to start a family, it can be disappointing if a pregnancy doesn't happen right away. To do your part, you must ensure that your sperm are numerous and healthy. The following actions may be in order.

Check Medication Side Effects

One issue that you may overlook when having fertility problems is the role that your prescription medication could play. The truth is that various medications could directly affect your sperm count in addition to the sperm's  ability to move properly. It's essential that you sit down with your personal physician to go through your meds and figure out which could be problematic. Once you've found the meds in question, you'll have to discuss whether you can switch to another medication that addresses the same health condition or whether it is safe for you to stop taking the medicine for a time.

Assess Diet

Just as your wife needs to adjust her diet when she wants to become pregnant, so do you. A diet full of healthy foods and lacking in junk will be great for your sperm. In particular, foods that have antioxidants like vitamin C and glutathione in them are great choices for overall health and encouraging higher sperm numbers and quick sperm movement.

Avoid Hot Tubs and Excessive Heat

You might look forward to spending a romantic evening with your spouse, but before planning, be aware that the hot tub may actually negatively affect your sperm. High temperatures are generally bad for sperm because the scrotal sac becomes too warm to be a healthy environment. Remember, the sac is already somewhat removed from the rest of your body for that very reason.

Hot tubs aren't the only heated situations you need to think about. Wearing tight pants, excessive exercise and other instances can mean your groin will become too warm to be conducive to healthy sperm. The effect won't last more than a few hours, but be aware that your timing could affect whether there's a pregnancy or not.

Consider these suggestions when you're eager to have a baby and want to be as healthy as possible. A visit to a local fertility doctor like Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility can provide you with the chance to ask questions and learn more about actions you should take if you're serious about having a baby soon.