Pregnant? Scared? 3 Things You Should Think About

It can be a huge shock to find out that you're pregnant, especially if you aren't sure whether you are ready to be a parent. Sure, you may want kids, but you aren't sure that it is time for you to have children just yet. It can be a bit overwhelming to consider the different options available to you, and you may feel instantly trapped the moment you see the positive pregnancy test. However, it is important that you understand you do have options and that you are not trapped by any means. Your first step in deciding what is best for you and your unborn child is answering a few questions to the best of your ability (in other words, as honestly as possible), as this will help you determine whether adoption is a possible next step.

Question #1: Do You Have a Supportive Family – in Terms of the Pregnancy?

Women can do things that men cannot; however, it is a full-time job being a parent. It can be hard to be parents for the first time, or anytime, and it can be extremely helpful to have a loving, supportive family by your side every step of the way. If your family is unable to accept your pregnancy with open arms, then adoption may be an option so that the child could grow up in a household where all-around support is there.

Question #2: What Are Your Feelings When It Comes to Being a Parent?

Yes, you are probably scared to death to actually have a baby, but what are feelings about actually being a parent? It is a 24/7 job, being a parent. As soon as you give birth, you will give up a lot of things in your life that you currently have: sleep, some of your income, social life, etc. It is important to realize that you are not being selfish by thinking about adoption. Instead, you are providing someone else a gift, as you aren't ready to handle the responsibilities of having a child and you are allowing your child to be raised by someone who is.

Question #3: How Are Your Finances?

It is very expensive to raise a child. Starting out, you have diapers, food, child care, and housing. Then, as your child gets older, you will have extra-curricular activities, such as sports and music programs. Do you have the income to handle this, as these things have shown to actually improve a child's life? If not, you may want to consider allowing a family with more financial stability to adopt your child.

For help deciding the best route to handle your pregnancy, you can talk with a pregnancy counseling specialist.