Tips For Getting Through Radiation Therapy

If you need to undergo radiation therapy for breast cancer or for some other form of cancer, you might be scared about what this means for your energy levels and productivity levels. You might find it difficult to do anything besides sleep and go to treatment. Here are some tips for getting through radiation therapy.

1. Use Moisturizer

Radiation therapy is going to dry out your skin. If you don't take steps to prevent this, it is going to be another irritating thing that you have to deal with on top of the time, money, and stress that radiation therapy can result in. Minimize your discomfort by simply investing in a high quality moisturizer and using it regularly. Because radiation therapy makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, consider investing in a moisturizer that also has sunscreen in it. This will help you avoid further discomfort from being sunburned.

2. Invest in Comfortable Clothes

You are going to be sitting for long periods of time. There is no need to bother with an underwire bra if you have breast cancer or tight jeans. Invest in some well-fitting yet comfortable track pants or sweat pants and some comfortable shirts and hoodies. Be sure that you layer so that you can be as comfortable as possible and don't end up having to get fully naked for any examinations.

3. Treat Resting Like a Job

You are not going to be good to anyone if you are burnt out and having a really hard time. You also might not feel like you are fulfilling your duties as an employee, parent, or significant other if you allow yourself time to rest. Your family and your work won't want you to push yourself. Try to treat resting as though it is your job. Set quotas and have goals to complete while you are resting, such as sleeping a certain number of hours during the day and night or finishing a relaxing activity such as a book or a puzzle.

4. Use Lukewarm Water

Your skin is going to be more sensitive after your radiation therapy. To avoid unnecessary pain, go with lukewarm baths rather than steaming hot showers. This will allow you to ensure that you are not doing further damage to your skin while still allowing you to get clean.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in helping people get through radiation therapy.