What To Expect At Your First Gynecology Exam

Whether you're going to the gynecologist for the first time, or have been going for years, most women don't really look forward to their appointment. You may feel very exposed laying on the paper-lined exam table in your paper gown or may feel embarrassed about the exam itself. This is not something to be embarrassed about at all. Your gynecologist is there to discuss any issues you are having, or to answer any questions you may have about your body to be sure you are in good health. Read on for what you can expect during your gynecology exam.

Health History

Just like your physician's office, your gynecologist wants to know about your family health history and your health history as well. This is something they keep on file, but that you may need to update each year. You'll most likely be given some paperwork to fill out while you wait to be seen by your gynecologist. Be sure to be truthful in all of the questions being asked, even in those questions asking about your sexual health and history.

Urine Test

Your gynecologist may have you urinate in a cup to be tested for STD's. This test usually has immediate results. Try to drink before you go to the gynecologist and don't urinate until it's time for your appointment, so you don't have to wait around until you have to actually "go."

Weight, Blood Pressure And Temperature Taken

A nurse will most likely have you step onto the scale; you may even have your height taken as well. Then you will have your blood pressure and temperature taken. This is routine and is recorded in your file. If there is an issue with any of these things, your gynecologist may discuss these things with you.

Breast Exam

Before the exam, the nurse will tell you to remove your clothing, and an open-front paper gown will be given to you to put on. Your shirt and bra will also need to be removed in order for a breast exam to be performed by your gynecologist. 

The breast exam doesn't hurt, your gynecologist will have you raise one arm above your head and will give you a breast exam by moving her fingers in small circles from your armpit in towards your breast and then all around your breast. She is feeling for any signs of breast cancer or anything irregular. She will then move to the other breast and repeat the process on the other side.

Pelvic Exam

The last part of your exam is the pelvic exam, the gynecologist will have you put your feet in the stirrups at the end of the exam table, and you will then lay down. She will insert a speculum into your vagina with lubricant (you may feel some pressure), then she will take a small sample of your cervix cells to be tested. She will also inspect your vulva, cervix, and anus. She is looking for any signs of infection, cancer, or cysts and other irregularities. If anything irregular comes from your exam, you may receive a phone call to come back for further testing.

A gynecologic exam may not be something you necessarily look forward to, but it is an exam that should not be skipped. Make an appointment today with your gynecologist for your pelvic exam. For more information, contact your local obgyn services.