3 Ways To Cure Stubborn Knee Pain

Your knees are a part of your body you don't usually think about until something goes wrong. Knee pain can make it difficult to participate fully in your own life. If you have difficulty standing, walking, or running due to your knees, you should seek treatment today. Here are three ways to cure stubborn knee pain.

1. R.I.C.E.

R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation, and it's a proven method to reduce inflammation and pain in injured joints. If your knee pain has started recently, this is a good first aid method to try. It's inexpensive, and it definitely can't hurt. Hold ice on your knee twice a day for 15 minutes at a time to reduce swelling and use a compression bandage to keep your kneecap aligned properly. If you don't feel better after a week, it's time to see your doctor.

2. Steroidal Injections 

If you visit your doctor and it turns out your knee pain is due to arthritis, you may be a candidate for corticosteroid treatment. Arthritis is painful because it can cause your joints to swell, and fluid can become trapped there. Steroid injections will reduce swelling and help to release the fluid buildup. Best of all, the injections work immediately, and the effects can last for months. Your doctor will numb your knee with a local anesthetic before administering the injection, so while the procedure may be uncomfortable, it shouldn't be painful.

3. Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment for knee pain is a relatively new procedure for treating osteoarthritis. If you opt to have this treatment, a doctor will inject a small amount of your own stem cells into the afflicted knee. The stem cells are harvested from your own bone marrow, so you know that it's ethically sourced. Many patients who have undergone this procedure have had amazing results and have been able to return to their active lives soon after treatment. According to WebMD, knee pain stem cell treatment can even help patients regrow cartilage in their knees. This is excellent news for people suffering from arthritis since the degenerative nature of that disease causes cartilage to be worn away over time.

You don't have to live with knee pain. Whether your pain is due to an overuse injury, arthritis, or joint problems, it is possible to find relief. Bring up these pain relief strategies with your doctor and ask if you're a good candidate.