About Living In A Sober Living Facility

If you are a woman who has just completed a drug rehabilitation program, then you want to make sure you have all of the tools needed to ensure you are successful when it comes to staying clean and sober. Even after completing a drug rehab program, you may not be in a good place with regards to jumping into the responsibilities of real life. In many cases, it is better to dip one's toes slowly back into the water, than to just jump right in. This is why going into a sober living home can be a fantastic option that can help you to be even better prepared to succeed once you get back to your life. You can learn more about sober living here. 

What is a sober living facility like?

If you have never seen a sober living facility in person, then you may have this vision in your head of a place that's set up like a hospital. However, you may be very surprised to learn that most sober living facilities are more like large homes located in residential neighborhoods. You may have to share a room, or you may have your own, private room. While it may seem like a roommate situation at first glance, there is much more going on within the confines of those walls. There will be a person who is in charge of the sober living home, there will be meetings, there will be rules, and there will be curfews.

What will life be like in a sober living environment?

Each sober living home will run independently, with rules and requirements that work the best for each. However, there are some things that tend to be most common with regards to how many of these places are run. In many, you will be required to look for work and then go to work. You will have to be in the home at a certain time each night. You may not be allowed visitors, or you may be able to have prescreened visitors during visiting times.

You will likely have limited access to the phone, and you may be randomly drug tested. If the staff have reasons to believe you may have brought something in the house that is not allowed, they may be able to do a search. You may have to pay a certain amount of rent when you have a job. The rent won't be much, but it will help to keep the sober living home afloat, and it will be a big step in getting you used to being a functioning member of society again.

You will have to attend mandatory meetings in which the household members and staff hold a 12-step style meeting where there will be sharing and listening. You may also have one-on-one counseling or other requirements. When you leave the sober home, you will be in a much better place to stay sober on your own. However, you should still attend regular meetings on a weekly basis or more often if necessary.