Three Of Your Testosterone Therapy Questions Answered

While some people will primarily associate hormone therapy with women's health, it is a reality that men can also experience changes in their hormone levels that may need to be treated. In particular, low testosterone can be a common problem that men can experience as they age. 

Are There Signs That You Should Consider Undergoing Testosterone Therapy Treatments?

There can be many warning signs that a man is starting to suffer from dropping testosterone levels. One of the more common can be a severe decrease in their energy levels and sex drive. Some men may also become more prone to developing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you notice a sudden change in your mood, energy levels, and sex drive, this could be a strong indication that you will want to be evaluated for low testosterone levels. These assessments can allow you to determine whether testosterone therapy should be an option that you consider.

Are Frequent Injections The Only Way To Receive Testosterone Therapy?

There is an assumption that testosterone therapy will always require a patient to attend weekly injection sessions with their doctor. While injections can be an option for receiving this type of hormone therapy, there are more convenient options available. Some of the more popular can be gels and patches that will slowly release testosterone into the body. Choosing the option that will be best for you can depend on the strength of the testosterone therapy that they will require. Not surprisingly, one of the first steps in choosing a hormone replacement therapy option will be to take a series of measurements of a patient's testosterone levels. Fortunately, clinics that treat low testosterone will have the capability to accurately measure a patient's testosterone levels so that the initial treatment strengths can be established and adjusted as the patient's testosterone levels change as they age.

When Can A Patient Expect To See Benefits From Testosterone Therapy?

As with other types of hormone replacement therapy, men that are undergoing low testosterone therapy will likely need to wait several weeks before they will start to experience noticeable benefits from this therapy. This is due to the fact that the body will need time to be able to absorb and utilize the testosterone. Over the course of several weeks and months, you will find that your symptoms will gradually decrease as your body's testosterone levels return to their normal levels. Throughout this time, you should receive regular assessments so that your progress can be monitored so the testosterone therapy can be adjusted as needed.

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