Do You Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a type of therapy for people who are lacking testosterone. As people age, their hormones age, and changes occur in this area as well. Your doctor will let you know if you have issues with testosterone or if you need to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. 

Luckily, testosterone can be administered in several ways, many of which aren't invasive in any way. You can have testosterone creams, deodorants, injections, or other applications of the hormone to help create balance in your life. Here are signs you may need testosterone replacement therapy.

You're getting older

Old age has a lot to do with whether a person needs hormone replacement therapy or not. If you are older and noticing not only your age but fatigue, lack of muscle tone, weight gain, and other concerns, then you may need to consider testosterone replacement therapy. You can even consider testosterone replacement therapy if your father or other men in your family have had to consider the same treatment because the need can be hereditary.

You're getting frailer

Testosterone controls a lot of your body's needs, such as muscle mass and tone and how strong your bones are. Like a lack of estrogen can cause women to have weaker bones, a lack of testosterone can do this for men. If you feel like you are frailer than usual, then a lack of testosterone may be to blame. Your testosterone replacement therapy can be performed by your general doctor, or a specialist in hormones, whichever you prefer.

You're getting less sexually aroused

Testosterone is directly related to your sex drive. If you are feeling less and less frisky and you normally have a different or stronger sex drive, then you may want to see your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy. You may also want to consider having your doctor check you out for erectile dysfunction or a genital-related disease or cancer. Depression can also cause a lack of sex drive, so there are many things to consider before narrowing your options entirely to testosterone replacement therapy.

Your doctor will give you a thorough exam before deciding if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. You can try several methods for application before deciding on one that works best for you. Insurance may help cover the costs, so speak to your doctor if you are worried about expenses. It may take a while before your body feels in balance again.

Talk to your doctor to learn more about testosterone replacement therapy